Cats for Adoption

I've been adopted! - Please meet Splinter

July 29, 2019 / Leave a comment


Splinters got a bit of growing up to do before going to his new home but he’s doing really well.  He loves to play and would do well in just about any home.  He is a typical rambunctious kitten so he will need an outlet for all of that energy.

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I've been adopted! - Please meet Scruffy

July 26, 2019 / Leave a comment

Scruffy came to us from Quebec.  This gentle sweetheart has obviously had a very rough short life.  He’s a super shy three year old kitty whose going to do best in a quieter home with someone who is willing to give him the time to come out of his shell.  He has tested positive for FIV but that is no reason he can’t have a long happy life.  

Update:  Scruffy has been with us now for a couple of months and he has come such a long way.  He’s now an outgoing happy go lucky man who likes nothing better than to chat away with anyone who will pay attention to him.  He’s been very comfortably spending his days in our display kennel in the front reception room.  Although we still feel Scruffy would do best in a home without small children we aren’t as concerned about finding him a “quiet” home as we once were.  If your able to give this guy a chance he sure would appreciate it.

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I've been adopted! - Please Meet Cole!

July 07, 2019 / Leave a comment

Cole is a little nervous of new situations but is super friendly and affectionate once he’s comfortable.  He loves crinkle balls and dangly toys.  Medically he will need to stay on a urinary safe diet but thankfully these are no more expensive than most of the good quality diets on the market. 

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I've been adopted! - Little man Rocky

July 06, 2019 / Leave a comment

Rocky was found as a sick little kitten at one of our client’s church.  He was dehydrated, flea ridden and very underweight.   A few days of supportive care, followed by a few weeks of good nutrition and Rocky was ready to look for a new family.  

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