Cold Weather Concerns

February 02, 2012 / Feline Wellness / Leave a comment

Finally snow and the beginning of a typical “Canadian Winter” has started. This means we need to make some special considerations for our feline friends.

 For our geriatric patients the colder weather can make arthritis much more painful. It is the time to think about modifying your cat’s environment to accommodate some of the things your senior cat may no longer be able to deal with as easily. If your cat’s favorite places to rest are up high, try and make it so they can make several shorter jumps instead of one big leap to get there. Older kitties sometimes need larger litter boxes with shorter sides. Often times for these cats “under the bed” storage containers make excellent litter boxes. Stairs can sometimes become difficult; water bowls and litter need to be easily accessible. Make sure favorite window spots are draft free.You can also consider laser therapy, specialized diets and joint supplementation. Please feel free to call and ask our staff about these options

Cats that go outside face additional concerns. Make sure they always have access to clean unfrozen water and a warm place for shelter in case they get caught outside in the cold. Even if your kitty is inside please remember to tap on the hood of your car before starting to make sure that an outside cat has not sought heat on the warm motor. Fan belt injuries are a serious and potential fatal reality this time of year.

If you are considering taking a trip to get away from the cold, consider letting your feline family member have a holiday of their own at our clinic in Ancaster. Village Cat Clinic has large, airy kitty condos for your cat to stay. While you are away, your cat will be well taken care of and you have the advantage of having a veterinarian on site, if any health concerns should arise. Remember to book early for March break.

If you have any concerns about your kitty weathering the season, questions about our boarding facility, or questions about treatments for arthritic changes as your cat ages, please feel free to give us a call.


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