Emma's Baby Minnie picks the Kong Wild Tails for Cats for Octobers Toy of the Month!

October 01, 2014 / Cat's Meow / Leave a comment

When Minnie came into our family I was very pleased to see that she loved playing with all of her toys. So I'm always looking for fun self-play and interactive toys to enrich her life. Toys play a very important role in an indoor cats life. It allows them to exercise and seek enjoyment especially for times when they are home alone.

Self-play toys are great for cats who are home alone while we are out and interactive toys are also great because it involves us and helps us strengthen our bond with our furry babies. It is a true joy to watch Minnie play like a kitten, this kong wild tail especially brings out her inner kitten. This toy kong wild tail serves well for both interactive and self-play. I hope all of your fur babies enjoy this toy as much as Minnie does!

For each Toy Kong Wild Tail sold, a donation will be made to a local cat rescue, thank you for helping our local rescues!

Written by Emma Brock

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