Enrich Your Indoor Cat’s Life with Toys

August 12, 2014 / Cat's Meow / 1 Comment

Enrich Your Indoor Cat’s Life with Toys

Dr Liz O’Brien DVM, DABVP (feline)

Cat ancestors had to hunt insects, birds, mice and other small animals. They caught 10 or 20 of these daily to survive.  Indoor cats don't have to hunt for food anymore, but they still like to pounce and play.

Having things to stalk and pounce on makes cats happy and helps to keep them healthy and active.     Indoor life can be tedious for a cat and it is our duty as a cat owner to enrich our cats' indoor life. Without toys and playtime, cats may get into trouble, psychologically or physically as they become bored, frustrated and often overweight.

Toys are an easy way to enrich your cat’s life. Cats are like one of the kids; they like to have a batch of toys that can be rotated a few at a time to keep them interested. Often cats will have a preference for feather or fur, so try to figure out your cat’s preference.
At The Cat Clinic and Village Cat Clinic our staff all love and play with their cats. With that in mind we are picking a “Toy of the Month” based on toys that our cats enjoy. We will have them available for sale at each clinic, with the story behind both the cat and the toy. A donation for each toy sold will be made towards a cat rescue.

So, enrich your cat’s life and help a homeless cat by bringing your “hunting/stalking feline” the “toy of the month” home.

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Great idea...see you when I get Amy's next batch of food!

Posted by Darlene on August 12 2014 @ 9:42 pm