Hemingway's Adventures in Clicker Training - Come and Sit

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It’s been a couple of weeks since we started with Hemi’s clicker training.  He’s doing really well at associating the sound of the clicker with a treat and that his name means to look at me.  Hemi is still young enough that he is spending some nights and weekends with me and my family.  However there are days when he’s a little devil.  He has so much fun playing we can’t always find him in the house when it’s time to go to work so we’ve decided the next thing we are going to start teaching him is “come”.


To do this we are going to make use of the fact that he already knows the “click” means a treat is coming.  I’m going to stand 3 or 4 steps away from him when I call his name.  He’s then going to get the sound for looking at me and since he knows this means there is a treat coming he’s going to head my way.  I’m going to say “come” when he starts moving and when he gets to me he’s going to get a second mark with the clicker for coming and then his treat.  We are gradually going to increase the distance until he comes when called.

A video demonstrating this:


We are also going to start teaching Hemi to sit.  For this we are going to manipulate his natural body movements.  We put the treat right in front of his nose and while he is licking at the treat we are going to slowly move it in a forward motion towards his forehead.  Normally the kitties mouth will naturally follow the treat and the bum will go to the ground.  This can take a little bit so initially we had to move quite slow.  As soon as his bum was down no matter how “messy” the rest of the sit was you mark it with a click and he can have the treat.  There is a secondary technique you can do which is simply to wait until for whatever reason on his own he’s sitting you can say “sit” do the click and get the treat.  We will be using this type of a technique hopefully for some tricks after he’s learned the basics.

This can sound somewhat confusing but the video found below will hopefully make it clear.


My experience so far is that Hemi is slower to catch on than the three dogs I’ve personally trained but with a bit of patience he’s doing pretty good.

Written by Angelina Johnstone RVT

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