My experience harness training my cats

July 22, 2016 / Cat's Meow / Leave a comment

On the May long weekend I had purchased a harness for my new cat Panda.  She is a 13 month S/F named Panda that I adopted through a local rescue organization back in November 2015.  Panda allowed us to put the harness on her but once we placed her on the floor and flopped over and wouldn’t walk on her own.  She then tried chewing at the harness, kicking at it and rolling over and over on the floor.  After 15 minutes of this, we picked her up and placed her on the lawn at the side of the house.  Panda was a statue at first (she forgot all about the harness that was bothering her moments ago). We had our other cat Jackson outside on his harness and leash and that seemed to make her at ease.  Panda mainly stayed in one place by the shed taking the world in.  Eventually she met up with Jackson under a tree and together they stayed.  When it was time to go in each kitty was carried back into the house and “de-harnessed” and given lots of hugs and a “cookie” for being so brave!


My cat Jackson loves his harness so much that he will beg for it, he will jump on his cat tree and cry letting us know he wants to go outside.  He will then wait to get “dressed” on the cat tree all the while purring up a storm and giving us head butts.  Once he is “dressed” and ready we say “let’s go” and he will jump down and go to the front door.  From here we will open the door he will walk outside calmly and get to the grass line and wait to be hooked up to the leash.  He struts around the yard checking things out before lying under his favorite tree.

Written by Jennifer De Loyde

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