Pet Compatibility - Minnie and Sweetie

July 30, 2016 / Cat's Meow / Leave a comment

In a perfect world, we would all want our animals to get along. I recently introduced a Syrian hamster into our home.  As we all know, cats love to catch mice, this means the hamster is considered tasty prey.

I have a 4 year old calico named Minnie, and a hamster named Sweetie. Knowing that Minnie is a natural hunter, we had to take certain precautions when playing with Sweetie, or cleaning her cage so our little hunter didn’t eat our new furry family member.

First of all, to protect Minnie from hunting her prey, I vaccinate and deworm her on a yearly basis, and also use flea treatment and deworming all year round with Revolution.  Now I need to protect Sweetie from being eaten by our little hunter.  

When Sweetie first came into our home, Minnie would watch Sweetie in her cage licking her lips and talking to her. We kept the hamster cage up high, and now that Minnie is accustomed to having Sweetie in our home, and got used to the idea that the hamster isn’t a tasty treat she now doesn’t bother with the cage. So we were able to move the cage to the desired spot that I wanted it. I was however prepared to dedicate a secure room so the hamster would be safe while we were out of the house.

Bringing pets together could go a few different ways, they could love, tolerate, or dislike each other. Just be prepared to accommodate the animal’s needs if they choose not to get along, possibly even dedicating seperate spaces where they can avoid each other and have their own space. 

Luckily we are at the point where they tolerate each other. They may not be best friends, but we have gotten to a point where the cat respects the hamster’s space and won’t even bother with trying to get near the hamster cage.

Written by Emma Brock

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