Soma; The tale of a senior with Spring Fever and the Microchip that helped get her home!

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Soma is a 19 year old kitty who has been a patient at our clinic for many years.  Recently her mom shared the scoop on her spring fever adventure.

It all started on an early Sunday morning.  When her mom went outside to refill the stray kitty feeding station Soma decided to sneak out the door.   For the next two days there was a lot of time spent canvassing the neighborhood and searching for Soma.  Many prayers were said to St. Francis, the patron saint of animals and St. Anthony the patron saint of lost things for Soma’s safe return.

The Saints were watching and sent Soma some good Samaritans.  On Monday afternoon a man was driving down Main St. and noticed that the traffic had stopped.   There was an orange and white cat sitting in the middle of the road.  He watched someone get out of their car and pick up a cat to put her on the grass, hoping she would stay safe.  When this gentleman got back into his car he saw Soma coming back to the road so he got back out of his car for the second time, picked her up and put her further up on the grass.

Although this was a good temporary fix, another Good Samaritan named John had a better idea.  He picked up Soma and after a quick stop to get a carrier took her to Hamilton Animal Services.  She was admitted at approx. 3:15 pm. 

John was very anxious about Soma’s safe return to her owner and printed flyers and posted them around Gage Park.  He also asked Animal Services about their policy and he said that if no one claimed her he would adopt her.

By 4:45 that afternoon Soma’s mom received a phone call from Hamilton Animal Services notifying her that they had Soma.  They were able to trace her home through the microchip that Dr. Liz had implanted when Soma was young.  It had been so long that her mom had forgotten she had one but thank god she did!  But within an hour and a half the HAS team had not only arranged medical care for Soma but found her family.

Soma was in pretty rough shape when she was found so she had been taken right to a veterinarian.  She was very dehydrated, had weak back legs, an upper respiratory infection, was lethargic and hadn’t received her blood pressure medication in days.  The attending veterinarian felt that Soma would not have survived much longer in the outdoors.  Hamilton Animal Services arranged for her to receive medical care including intravenous fluids until the next day.

We are happy to say Soma is recovering nicely at home and improvement has been noticed daily.   She is feeling so well she was back to pawing the front door in the hopes that her mom would let her out.

Soma was lucky.  She had good Samaritans looking out for her and a current microchip.  We can’t really do anything to make sure someone is going to step in and help our pets if they get lost but it is really easy to make sure every pet in your home has a microchip with current information registered to it.  As Soma shows all it takes is a little spring fever for accidents to happen.  If you have questions about microchipping please feel free to give us a call at 905-304-7877

Written by Angelina Johnstone RVT

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