Suggestions for Kitty Christmas!

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We all love our cats.  Here are a few gifts we can give them to help them live healthier, more enriched lives. 

Lances Chirstmas Suggestion:  Lance is the Patient Advocate at The Cat Clinic.  You can often find him checking on the patients or supervising all the comings and goings from the front window.  He loves to curl up on his handcrafted Cozy Creation Bed.  A cat bed is appreciated by all cats.  This Christmas season, our vet assistant Emma is making cat beds for sale.  Her “Cozy Creations” cat beds are washable and come in different patterns.  For extra fun you can spray your creation with either a facial pheromone spray called Feliway or catnip spay.  A portion of each sale is donated to The Bastet Fund to help cats in need.  Cats often like to have their beds in high positions, for example, on shelves or in cupboards.  Maybe your cat has multiple favorite places for a bed?


Hemmingway’s Christmas Suggestion:  Although he’s been retired from active service Hemi still helps us out with suggestions now and again.  He loves toys with balls in them.  He can sit for ages batting the ball back and forth.  The problem is most of these toys are in a circular pattern so he would lie down in once place and just hit the ball when it came back to him.  Until he discovered CatitPlay Circuits! This toy comes as a bunch of separate pieces that are easy to click together in a wide variety of designs.   The advantage of this design is that the kitty will move to chase the ball up and down the track. 

For added fun you can purchase additional kits and add them together.



Other Gifts


Something that is essential to all cats, indoor and outdoor, is a litterbox.  Here at The Cat Clinic in Hamilton and Village Cat Clinic in Ancaster, we recommend the NVR Miss litterbox.  It has high walls with an opening in the centre for the cat to easily step into. Whatever type of litterbox you use, it should be non-covered, contain clumping litter and scooped at least once daily.  Boxes need to be washed weekly with a mild detergent and replaced yearly.  Each cat in the household should have its own litterbox in a convenient, well-ventilated location that still gives the cat some privacy.  Each litterbox should be located so that another animal cannot sneak up while it is being used.  The location should also be away from appliances or air ducts that could come on unexpectedly.  Finally, in multilevel homes, each level should contain a litterbox. 




Scratching Posts

A scratching post…………. Or 3.  Scratching is a normal behaviour for cats.  It maintains the claws in shape and also serves to mark their territory.  Each household needs at least one scratching post in the room most frequented by family members.  More posts are needed in multi-cat homes.  Vertical scratching posts should be tall enough for the cat to stand on his back legs and reach up to scratch.  Posts also need to be sturdy and stable.  Cats can be encouraged to scratch by using a fishing pole type toy and waving it over the post.  Cats can also be clicker trained to scratch at the post.

For even more suggestions follow our Facebook Page or check out our in hospital displays.

Written by Dr.Dianne Bourdeau and Angelina Johnstone RVT


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