The Adventures of Mojito at Village Cat Clinic– Vaccinations and Examinations

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Mojito is going to help us demonstrate how little kittens start their vaccination and physical examination series.   At Village Cat Clinic kittens get a series of vaccinations in three visits which are spread out over the course of three months.  For Mojito and all our patients safety Village Cat Clinic uses only non-adjuvanted vaccinations because although they are much more expensive for us to purchase they greatly reduce the risk of allergic reactions and injection site reactions.   


Your kitten’s physical exam starts with the Doctor taking a full history.  Brave Mojito was happy to show off his coordination and dexterity by jumping off the chairs and playing chase games around the examination room while the doctor would normally be discussing how your cat is doing.  This full history is so any concerns you have about your cat’s wellbeing can be expressed, unknown concerns can be discovered and the doctor can explore how your cat is doing at home.


The physical exam will include a weight assessment.  The doctor will not only record your kitten’s weight but also compare it to their body structure and previous weights.  This is to make sure the kitten is at the appropriate weight currently and growing at an adequate rate.   When they are young is the easiest time to start good eating and weight habits for the future.


Because we have been working on doing a lot of handling with Mojito (see the previous adventure) when the doctor then went on to check his ears, mouth and feet Mojito was so comfortable he wanted to play instead.   A little bit of a treat distracted him long enough for use to get a good look and then take a listen to his heart.


You might not notice but the doctor will also check the muscle tone, belly and joints of your kitten.  In order to keep cats comfortable at all times we often will “disguise” portions of the exam to seem like simple stroking where in reality the doctor is collecting important information about your cat’s health status.  We are happy to report Mojito, in spite of his history with urinary crystals received a good bill of health.  


After your kitten has received their final set of vaccinations their immune system will finally be at an acceptable level for protection from those diseases and only need boosters annually.    For a full list of what these diseases are feel free to ask any of our Team Members.


For his next tale Mojito will be demonstrating how to be a good patient while starting a deworming protocol.
Written by Angelina Johnstone RVT

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