The Benefits of Cat Identification

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The Village Cat Clinic understands the heartbreak you as a pet owner would feel if your cat were to go missing. There are many ways for even your indoor cat to escape; your door may be left open for many reasons – by a child or visitor or when you are bringing in the groceries, or your cat may find a hole in the screen of a window or door. If your cat does get out, it is extremely important that he or she can be identified so that you can be contacted and your furry friend can be brought home. You can identify your cat by having them wear a collar and tag for visual identification, or have a microchip implanted in your cat for permanent identification.

Microchips are a safe and permanent way to identify your cat. The recommended time for the chip to be implanted is when your cat is spayed or neutered, however, the procedure can be completed at any age, and is a simple process that is relatively pain-free. The microchip is approximately the size of a grain of rice or even smaller.  The Village Cat Clinic uses minichips which are 25% smaller than other microchips.  If your cat was to go missing any person that finds your cat can bring him or her to a shelter and they will scan for a microchip. The chip will provide them with your contact information and you will be notified to retrieve your beloved pet. The process is inexpensive, as it is important to animal care providers that all pets can be easily identified and returned to their rightful owners.

Collars and Identification Tags are recommended for all cats, including those that have microchips implanted. You should use a breakaway type of collar, which features a safety buckle that allows your cat to breakaway and avoid injury should the collar become caught or tangled on something.

It is essential that your contact information on the collar and connected to the microchip are kept up -to-date, so that you can easily be located and reunited with your cat.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for microchip implantation, Village Cat Clinic at 905-304-7877.


Written by Angelina Johnstone RVT

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