The importance of vaccinations for your cat.

January 16, 2016 / Cat's Meow / 1 Comment

The Village Cat Clinic team knows that as a pet owner you have many responsibilities to ensure your cat has a long and healthy life. Providing your furry friend with the best in health care, and visiting The Village Cat Clinic on a regular basis will help to ensure you are taking the necessary steps to protect your cat’s well-being. There are many viruses and infectious diseases that your cat may be exposed to, even if they are indoors. Vaccinating your cat according to the recommended schedule will help make certain your cat is healthy and free from disease.

There are several vaccinations available for cats, however, not all may be recommended for your cat’s individual needs. At The Village Cat Clinic their annual health care visit include a risk assessment to determine what vaccines are recommended for your cat. The assessment evaluates your cat’s needs based on their age, health status, and lifestyle.


According to the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) Vaccination Guidelines, some vaccines are recommended for all cats, including one called FVRCP which protects your cat from feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia; all diseases that are highly contagious and can cause chronic or fatal symptoms, should your cat become infected. Also the rabies vaccine is recommended for all cats, as it is a fatal disease that could impact indoor cats should they escape the house, or if a rabid animal was to get inside your house. Other diseases that have vaccines available are feline leukemia, chlamydophila, and feline immunodeficiency virus; these may be administered depending on your cat’s risk level, and are commonly advised if you have multiple cats or outdoor cats.

By following the AAFP Vaccination Guidelines, The Cat Clinic ensures your cat receives their vaccinations at the correct age, and that the needle is injected in the correct location on your pet, this helps to avoid adverse side effects. They also reduce the risk of allergic reactions and other side effects by administering non-adjuvanted vaccinations.

For more information or to schedule your cat’s next check-up The Village Cat Clinic at 905-304-7877

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I've had my cat for a while now, and while I know he's had his vaccinations I don't know if they should periodically or if there are others that he'll need. You mentioned that you do an assessment based on his age, health status, and lifestyle so that makes me wonder if he'll need more vaccinations as he gets older. I'll look into vaccinations more to make sure he's covered.

Posted by John Carston on May 25 2016 @ 1:02 pm