The importance of your cats' dental health

February 11, 2017 / Cat's Meow / Leave a comment

How important is dental health to our pets? VERY! It can be a cornerstone to their health, just like with us. We value our own teeth so much; of course we put value on our precious pet’s teeth and their overall well-being too! Dentals, which includes teeth cleanings and maybe extractions, has helped to improve our pet’s overall life span and quality of life.

More & more we are seeing the value of investing in proper dental health for our beloved ones, as it can prevent several health issues that could arise because of poor dental hygiene. Some of the dental issues associated with bad teeth include: stomatitis, which is a severe inflammation of the gums and other oral lining around the teeth, and gingivitis which is inflammation of the gums only. Other complications associated with poor dental health can involve bacteria getting into the bloodstream, as this can lead to more serious health issues; such as endocarditis, which is infection within the heart and damage to other various organs, such as the liver & kidneys.

Identifying early stage dental disease is very important, as it may be reversible with diet alone. Diets such as T/D by Hill’s, Dental Health by Purina Vet Line or Royal Canin Medi-cal Dental, all help to reduce plaque buildup on teeth. We can also use these same diets for young cats as a preventative dental health care tool. Remarkably, over time these plaque reducing diets can actually stave off the need for a more involved dental. This means that overall the pets feel better, eat better, are less painful and live longer/happier lives because of the increased health benefits.

Overall, your kitty will thank you for the relief, comfort and dental health benefits they received because of their awesome pet parent!

Written by Debra Neave

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