The Red Flags - don't miss 'em

September 18, 2014 / Cat's Meow / Leave a comment

Cats are genetically driven to hide signs of illness, weakness, pain or injury. Their ancestors survived by going unnoticed. It is up to us to be alert to subtle signs of illness, red flags for disease.


Look for and report:

*increased water consumption or larger urines in the box

*changes in litterbox behaviour

*reduced appetite or sudden increased appetite

*changes in personality or routine behaviour of any kind

*evidence of weight loss: run your hand along their back, are those bones more prominent now?

*unusual vocalization, especially at night

*increased sleeping, lack of interest or interaction

*moving more slowly or jumping less


We can help. In fact when we see these cats in the early stages we can help a lot.  AND we can keep them at home while we do it.

The goal is to avoid scary and expensive hospitalization. We do not like having sad sack sick cats in the hospital. We want them happy, healthy and home with you.

Help us help them - BE ALERT
Written by Dr.Jean Clark

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