The Village Cat Clinic Team is proud to be a part of an exciting movement to support Cat Healthy Communities

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There have recently been some disheartening statistics regarding feline care reported by a number of sources. Fifty seven percent of veterinarians say cats are more challenging to diagnose than dogs. Of more concern is that forty eight percent of veterinarians prefer dogs as patients with only seventeen percent preferring cats.  In order to increase the value of Cats in Canada, we need to begin with improving the cat’s status in the veterinary community.

As part of our team’s ongoing commitment to feline care, both locally and across Canada, Dr. O’Brien has joined forces with the other three feline specialists in Canada. They have co-authored   preventive healthcare protocols specifically for cats.  These will be made available to veterinarians across Canada in order to improve the care feline patients receive in Canada and help to make veterinary hospitals more cat friendly. 

Dr. O’Brien will be taking a short sabbatical beginning September 7th to present these protocols and other feline medicine topics to veterinary teams across Canada. During this time, your  family’s  feline(s) will  have the expertise of our team to provide the exemplary veterinary care that is expected at The Cat Clinic and Village Cat Clinic. They will have the hands on responsibility of patient care at the clinic and will have access to Dr. O’Brien’s specialist opinion throughout this time while she is speaking at various conferences across the country.

Our Team is proud to be a part of this exciting movement to support the well being of cats. Please join us in our support as Dr O’Brien helps to create Cat Healthy Communities across Canada with the ultimate goal of having empty cages in shelters and cats regarded as valued family pets , receiving quality preventive healthcare in order to allow them to live a longer and better lives.

If you’re interested in following   Dr. O’Brien’s efforts please visit our webpage at where she plans to post some short blogs in between her busy conference schedule.  You can also follow us on Facebook or visit the original Care for Cats website now at


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