Tips for Preparing your cat for travel

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The Village Cat Clinic team members knows all about the stress of travelling with your feline family member.  With the holidays upon us families will be travelling and many will be taking their cats to join in the festivities.  Taking the necessary steps to prepare your cat for travel ahead of time will help make the experience more pleasant for both you and your cat.

Any type of travel will require an appropriate container to transport your cat.  If you are travelling by plane or train be sure to check with the airline or railway for any specifications they have regarding the carrier.  Ideally you want a small carrier that is easy to lift and clean.  If you are travelling with more than one cat it is advised to put them in separate carriers as even the best of friends may take the stress of travelling out on one another. 

Familiarize your cat with the carrier ahead of time.  Encourage them to go in by leaving the door open and making it a pleasant place to be.  Set out treats and familiar bedding to make it feel cozy and comfortable.  For your actual travel line the carrier with absorbent material in case of any accidents or sickness. It is advised to not feed your cat for several hours prior to travel in case they are sick.   Remember to NEVER to leave your cat in the car unattended.

If you are travelling by car be sure to place the carrier somewhere in your vehicle that is secure and has proper ventilation and heat for your cat’s comfort.  You can also prepare your cat by taking them for shorter trips in the car before your longer trip. 

Visit The Village Cat Clinic prior to your trip to discuss the possible benefits of medication to help with any anxiety or sickness your cat may have while travelling.  We can also help if you are travelling outside the country and require any specific paperwork or vaccinations when arriving at your destination. 

It is very important to ensure that your cat is microchipped prior to travel so if the unthinkable happens and your cat escapes they have perminant identification.   Once a year we recommend you contact the microchipping company to make sure the contact information is both current and correct.

For more information regarding travelling with your cat feel free to give us a call at 905-304-7877

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