We’ve decided to change things up with the photo contest this year!

October 21, 2016 / Cat's Meow / Leave a comment

Are you ready? We had so much fun seeing everyone's gorgeous kitty pictures in the past years that we've decided we want to make it even bigger!   We are holding an all season kitty picture contest.  It's going to go like this.

Part One

Stage 1: Between Monday October 31st and Saturday November 12 th at midnight post any pictures you would like considered in our public timeline on our Facebook Page.  Because everything is Facebook based you must be able to post your own pictures in our timeline.  We will be unable to take email submissions.  Please put some kind of a title or comment on the post to indicate that the picture is for the calendar contest.  Please also comment with your cat’s name, and if your submission is for Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall.   If you would like to include a brief description or story we may use these in the calendar.  These pictures must be either your own cats or fosters either past or present.  Please no random pictures from the internet, you have to have known the kitties present in the pictures. Because this is a “new” contest past submissions are welcome. This contest is open to all of our Facebook followers not just our clients. By posting your picture you are automatically giving us permission to use your picture in our business advertising and social media. To keep things fair entries will be closed after this Stage so make sure you get your babies in early.

Stage 2: On Sunday November 13th all pictures will be reposted (not shared) as an album in no particular order on our main page and then pinned to the top.  These pictures will be clearly labelled as to which season they belong to.

Stage 3: Then it's your turn to vote for a winner! Only likes on the picture reposted in the album will count.  Votes are open to anyone on Facebook, they do not have to come from clients so make sure your friends and family all come and vote! 

Winners: On Monday November 20th at midnight the picture with the most likes in each category will win a prize of cat food, treats and goodies worth over $50 put together by our very own Rebecca. Please note winning entries will need to be able to come and pick up the basket at our location at 391 Concession St. Hamilton, Ontario.  Please note Angie will be recording the winners at midnight so even though the results will not be announced right away voting will be closed at that time.  Although everyone is welcome to submit pictures to all categories each person will only be eligible to win one prize.  In the case of multiple wins one of the runners with the second largest votes will be awarded the prize.

Part Two

The reason we are breaking the contest up into seasons is we are planning on having a calendar printed featuring twelve of your babies.  These pictures will be decided by the clinic team and although the public votes may influence us they do not actually count towards the selection.   Please be aware the picture quality will be a large factor in these selections.


Once the calendars are printed they will be available with a small markup at both of the clinics. (price to be announced as it will depend on how many we have printed) The proceeds of the calendars will be put towards helping some of the cats in need in our community.

Hope everyone has fun with this we are really looking forward to all to seeing all your furry babies!

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