Why I adopted another cat – that makes 3!

June 03, 2016 / Cat's Meow / Leave a comment

Why I adopted another cat – that makes 3!

I thought to myself, are we ready to add another feline to our family?

  I already have two.  Our new addition has added so much joy to our lives and we love watching her with her funny behaviours.  Panda is a water baby at heart, she loves the tub, the sink and of course your glass of water.  She is a roly-poly girl, she loves being on her back laying on a couch, floor or under the bed while looking up to you.   Jackson and Panda are the best of friends, they chase each other around the house, and they sleep together at times and love to eat together!cats, Crystal is a 9yrs S/F and Jackson is an 18 month old NM and they fight like cats and dogs – excuse the pun.  Adopting a cat is a long term decision that I wasn’t taking lightly.  I researched a rescue group and eventually adopted a 9 month S/F who we named Panda.  This decision turned out to be the greatest decision because not only was I able to save a life and give this animal a second chance at life but I have a sense of pride that I made the right decision.

I would recommend a cat to anyone who is like me, I have lots of love to give, I love the independent side to cats and they are an easy companion who just wants to love you back with all their heart.  I am very aware cats require yearly visits to the veterinarian to ensure they stay happy and healthy to ensure they have a great quality of life.

Written by Jennifer De Loyde

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